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Josef Martinovski

An Argument of Reverence

An Argument of Reverence

Seated by a blushing sea
Don't fear to spill animosity,
But mask it with grace
Then count to ten
In breath’s embrace -

Forget not where you’ll go
But root yourself so as not to fall,
And be wary of the water
That can gobble up it all.
Such its argument is full of power
That you'd likely follow before falter.
Seek to use the kiss of light
That pierce the peaks of waves at night
To make translucent their subjective jabs
That widen your defence’s gaps.

Release your bellows deep as thunder
That echo just another’s wonder:

Only empathy can cure hate.
Only calm can cure a storm.
Rid your cloud and wind
And see stillness come again.

Until restored, bid farewell
To the infinite benevolence
That looks down, with heavenly eyes,
At the blind, who strive in reverence
To show affection, with anesthetized
Howls of longing, echoing helplessness.

And as no belly full without a drop of spiritual
Can thoroughly be satisfied;
No prodigious soul can harbour in its whole
The lasting impression
           Of doomsday without certain regression.

Yet, the shallow ponds of intellect know
That reflections of The Night
Make bright illusions of The Infinite
Whilst hiding Earth in plane sight.

Illustration Josef Martinovski



The Fog

He who through the fog had fought
For a genius thread of thought
Found that as it closer got
Lost was it, which he once sought.



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