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30th March 2017. Meeting with three people at Migrationsverkets custody in Gothenburg.
A rainy cold day, a dark room, two couches and a small window facing another wall. “It has been eleven months and I haven’t been out of this place” he said. Can you count how many days there are in eleven months, or maybe it will be easier to try to imagine how many days you can keep yourself locket in a room. It is not as easy as we hear, it is very difficult to be in such a place, where you are waiting to be deported. Toward an unknown future.

I did not had the opportunity to meet many people or families there, especially hard it was to reach the children, but by asking about them I could understand some about their condition, maybe not as much as they suffer but of course I could understand that it is not easy at all. I got a lot of information and asked my self: how do they survive there? What do they eat? No good food according to them, even if a friend brings food for them they are not allowed to take it inside, no hygiene, six people in one room and the fact that almost every minute having the fear to be pulled to airport and forced to fly back. If someone protests and refuses to go back it happens that they get anesthetized.

Is this a place for children? How does the possibilities of being a child look like here? If we ask these questions from Migrationsverket's office, what will be their answer? They might be children that where born by refugee parents, they might be here alone. I think about all the energy a young person has – or could have - to study, to work, to use the energy in a way they should or want. But here, there are walls around them. Walls that tell a story about fear, that the struggle might be endless, that the search for a home is not that close, that the search for peace is not their obvious human right, within those walls. Will their search end? It is hard to forget those pairs of eyes searching freedom through yours, trying to experience it again without any regret.

And what was the reason of being there? Of course being an immigrant. Being someone who escaped in the search for peace from war and injustice. Being someone who ends up in a place where no respect for a human being is to be found. This can be a huge and clear reason of the many suicides attempted by unaccompanied children taking place in the latest few months. The actions that lead to their death, to the end of hope for a life in a peaceful country.
This place, Sweden, was the last station for them: to run, get away, search for peace and start a new life. But unfortunately the last station is the most dangerous place for them because they are refugees, with out the rights that should be valid for all human beings, whoever and wherever we are.

If we have made everything around us in the way we want to see them, then we have never seen the real world. There are a lot of things hidden behind freedom and harmony, if we do not uncover these, if we do not bother ourselves to know the truth behind the formal greetings and instead live like a unhearing, unseeing creature: then we have never seen the real world. Then we will be unable to see also a world that says that everyone is equal and has the same rights and worths, it does not matter where you came from or what is your religion or ethnicity. Where every life matters, no matter what.
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