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Heart never follows the way it never loved

Centuries ago, and yet still, in many different countries homosexuality was considered to be a disease or a mental disorder. Thanks to the struggle by activists in combination with several researches it is proved wrong. Nevertheless: in majority of the countries around the world, homosexuality is still socially unacceptable.

Homosexuality is illegal in 78 countries around the world, and there are also more anti-gay laws being passed and violation against homosexuals are increasing. In many countries in Africa and Asia, such as Iran, Nigeria, Somalia and Saudi Arabia there is also death penalty to the act of loving and want to live with someone with the same gender. In countries like Turkey and China, it is considered that same sex unions is not to be recognized. It is easy to say, there - far away - this happen, but not here. But even in countries like Canada, USA, Sweden and Norway different forms of oppression is reality. The rights for homosexual people are many, thanks to the hard work from activists for human rights and equality, there is laws that secures the right to marriage and the right not to be discriminated. But the laws is not everything, the laws does not mean the freedom from problems. And the laws and how they protect people is nothing to take for granted - if the laws around asylum rights can change in a second, who knows which will be the next law to change? The freedom and the human rights is not protected by law forever, it is a constant struggle where we need to be awake. And fight together. The marginalisation on the base of sexuality, the hidden and openly expressed hate and discrimination, the increasing numbers of LGBTQ people who suffer from health issues - this is completely unfair.

I think everyone should have the freedom to choose who they want to be. Not only what partner to live with but people should always have the freedom to choose their religion, faith, lifestyle, geography and so on. It should be possible to be whoever you are and want to be, wherever you are and wherever you want to lay your hat. It is never good to force people to act like what they dislike or have not interest to be. Because by forcing, you are not allowing them to be what they really are. You are making them the person they have never been and never wanted to be, and you should never expect them to be what you want. Because heart never follows the way it never loved.

It is still a common experience to be rejected or questioned due to your norm breaking sexuality - by family, friends, colleagues, in school. The open and hidden harassments, violences and fear is everywhere, even here in Sweden. And the effect, in a globalised world, of that people still get killed by law, get harsh prison sentences because of their sexual orientation is to be noticed. Not atleast here, where we, still, have laws for protection. In about 40 countries same sex relationships or marriages are recognized legal, and in Sweden we now have more than 60 pride festivals around the country. Pride festival, as one of the ways to show the struggle for human rights and equality - not rarely with also an international focus. One example is the pride festival in my home city, Borås, which take place june 15-17 - an important festivals that connect a lot of movements and people who struggle for a better world.

So: despite all the discouraging realities, nowadays, more and more people are openly expressing their sexual orientation and fighting for their rights, and this is what should be done. People should be proud of what they are, and first of all we all should accept ourselves and be open - without the risk of any oppression. It can also make life better and easier for others, the fights for equality is and need to be without borders.