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Even though The Who’s generation was pretty awesome, the 90's kids had also a lot of fun, and with that I'm not talking about cocaine. There is nothing that I miss more about being younger than that sense of freedom to procrastinate during the weekends. That early waking up (too early) and running to turn on the TV to watch my favorite cartoons, sometimes we'd wake up so early the cartoons weren't even on. And after the regular ones on national television, I'd just turn to cable TV and watch some more.

Dexters Laboratory, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Two Stupid Dogs, The Power Puff Girls, Aaahh!!! Real Monsters and Cow & Chicken were probably my all time favorites, not because they were cute and useless like the ones kids watch nowadays, but because they were weird, I didn't quite understand them at that time (too many adult puns) but I always found them rather intriguing, and even though most of them were adult cartoons, kids could still enjoy them in their way. And the magic of it is, I can still watch each and every episode and rediscover a new joke or reference to this day. The Devil from Cow & Chicken was one of my all time favorites, he walked on his ass, used to eat entire chickens and had a drag queen appearance and voice, and Krumm, the weird blob from Aaahh! Real Monsters who didn't have a face and had to hold his eyes with his hands (extra special: the hair growing from the armpits was just the icing on the cake). The intros were super catchy and a wonderful alternative to those who weren't that into the whole Disney princessey thing (like me). I mean… the Duckails intro was my alarm clock for two years, and I was twenty at that time!

90s kids also loved to pick characters and pretend to be them, all my friends wanted to be the red Power Rangers, and the girls...well they all chose Cinderella, me, I always wanted to be Bulma, that blue haired lady from Dragon Ball.

We weren't so fortunate with the music of that era unfortunately, because we were too young to understand that whole grunge revolution which was happening (it never really was my cup of tea anyway), so we were left to deal with horrible R&B. I however, was fortunate enough, because I had a cool mom who pushed me into listening Post Punk and New Wave, which obviously made me a person who was bullied a lot in school due to all my black clothes and chains.

I think all of these cartoons and scripts and music made me the person I am today. Made me curious, creative, weird and also a bit annoying, and that's awesome because what I've just described is nothing like what I'm seeing in toddlers nowadays.
Kids from the next generation are boring, they have zero social skills, they're apathetic and their biggest accomplishment is knowing how to work with an Iphone at the age of two.

Back in the 90's, sure we had the Gameboy and the Playstation and the Sega Saturn etc... but we knew how to measure things up. We also loved to go outside and play with friends or play Pokemon cards, but nowadays it's a whole different world. Kids alienate themselves with gadgets, they don't get out as much because parents are overly protective and are afraid ”they might get hurt” so they just keep them inside and since parents no longer have the patience to play or deal with the children, they just buy them whatever item is in fashion to distract them and keep them occupied for as long as possible... I miss my childhood a lot and I have nothing but good memories, but sometimes I find myself thinking what sort of adult will grow up from...”that”, and the answer is usually a sad frown.

Kids aren't as adorable anymore either, they grow up faster and look like pseudo adults early in life. Its scary how much make-up young girls are wearing right now... I mean, I remember being a Shrek looking person when I was going through my puberty... It's an important stage in life I think everyone should go through - just horrible, but important.
Nowadays you get to see a lot of cute baby videos on Youtube but never cute teenager ones, in my opinion, that's because after that baby phase, their brain gets affected by this new consumerism society and turns into a vegetable with no social skills, no identity or moral and political opinions. And hey, baby boomers, this is entirely your fault...
And don't even get me started on those American kids, because if I did, this text wouldn't be 800 words but a whole La Rousse encyclopedia.