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I was always an introvert in my teens and I've always looked forward in meeting new interesting, outspoken and extravagant people. Now, at 23, pretty much all of my friends and best friends tick all of these boxes (95% are homosexuals or gay- to be more precise, happy happy individuals!). Even with all of the discrimination and hate there is nowadays regarding this fabulous community, they aren't put down by any of it and are still the most fascinating and joyful people with the most amazing joie de vivre I've ever seen.

It was my personal style, my amazing friends and my influences who drove me into wanting to talk about Camp, which is not only a peculiar aesthetic, but also a lifestyle that created a lot of cult successes and led to the creation of outstanding characters in the primordials of the POP world (such as Divine, Karen Walker or even Patsy from Absolutely Fabulous).

The word “Camp” comes from the term “se camper” which literally means “to dress up in a flamboyant way”. It has been described as ostentatious, exaggerated, theatrical and even homosexual. It was thanks to the critic Susan Sontag that the name and its own definition, became popular and universal in the 70s.

Camp has had since its beginning a very ironic attitude towards everything, which worked as a defense mechanism to the gay community who's been marginalized by society for their preferences. It breathes, feeds and lives of the dominant culture, it's a minority who ridicules and appropriates itself of the image of big groups.

It was created to shock people. Divine for example, the character created by the movie director John Waters and portrayed by the actor Harris Milstead , gained fame in a blink of an eye because the sassy and outrageous Divine ate dog poop on camera.

Another cult movie is The Rocky Horror Picture Show, this particular piece is not your regular musical... It is actually a horror musical filled with gay innuendos, a hot blond naked monster of Frankenstein and a doctor who sings a song called "I'm just a sweet transvestite from Transsexual Transylvania".

These concepts used in extreme ways, were born with the help of Modernism and its art theorists. Theodor Adorno for example, was completely against, consumerism created, pop culture. These comments only worked as fuel which incinerated peoples minds and tongues. The most heard criticism, was that Camp was just a sad excuse to ill made works that allows the vulgar and corny to be in the same baseline as Art.

Greta Garbo, Marlene Dietrich, Marilyn Monroe, Joan Crawford and Mae West were iconic actresses who always had great relevance and influence in the development of feminine conscience. Exaggerating stereotyped traits like the women's fragility and the unstable sense of humor.
These were the women idolized by the gay community at the time. They wanted to be like them but unfortunately, were misinterpreted by the rest of the world. Even angry, annoying and very much frigid feminist critics defended that drag queens were misogynistic because they portrayed a ridiculous false image of women that only helped to perpetuate derogatory stereotypes... when their only true purpose was to pay an homage to these film divas and ultimately, have fun.

I always felt that i was born not with the wrong sex but with the wrong nationality, and this is why! Camp works almost as a synonym for the United Kingdom!, TV accepts it, its intertwined with the British sense of humor and there is absolutely no hate towards this lifestyle.
Monty Python, Black Adder, Little Britain and Absolutely Fabulous for example, are four of the most popular comedy/ sketches shows ever, and they're as camp as it gets (the bright colors, the drag queen factor, the social critic…). The more I come to learn and discover about it, the more I realize that i'm campier than all of my gay friends put together! (I do love my feathers).

Camp hasn't got any basic principles or rules to be followed, it only judges the society, it's flaws and inconsistencies. Camp is color, it's loud, it's shiny stuff, it's the inappropriate comment everyone is thinking but no one actually says. Camp is pretty much the big pink elephant in the room, and I LOVE to talk about it and how big its trunk really is. It's a satire but, above all, it is very very truthful.

So, to all of you campy friends, I salute you for being so hysterically sarcastic, for being smart enough to understand what irony and sarcasm really is and means, for applying it so fully in your life and in my day to day and ultimately, for being my friends, for keeping me interested in life and for keeping up this insatiable need for knowledge and curiosity I have. I would like to thank also for having created this drag queen called Greta Barbot, who is now trapped inside of this 1.70m body.

It truly is a blessing for you to be this gifted and wickedly witty!