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A cat or an astronaut was always my answer to the question “What do you want to be when you grow up?”, when I was growing up. Sadly I've given up on the cat idea.

I'm going to be 23 on the 22nd, time is running through my fingers and I still have no idea on what to do with my life, which only makes me panic even more.
All my fiends are getting jobs (super fancy ones) and then there's Marta: I, spend most of my time watching documentaries (mostly pop culture ones- music and fashion related), eating all sorts of junk food and smoking fags like a pro.

I guess that's my main problem...I'm super curious when it comes to the world around me and I feel the need to read and learn constantly about it (either is a famous person, general history or even a foreign language). Even going to sleep is a complicated task... it rather feels like a waste of time in this age of information doesn't it?

I like so many things that it is super hard to pick just one ( believe when I say, my eyes were balling out when the time to pick my major in university came ).

From time to time, I do some volunteer work, not humanitarian though, I'm far too selfish and self- centered for that, no, I volunteer at music and cinema festivals. But I only do it, if I manage to get placed in a privileged position. Last year, for example, I managed to get a position at the main backstage at a major festival and I worked directly with the producers where I was able to impress them with my abilities and hardwork, because of that, this year I'll probably get a paid position at that same festival , and I couldn't be more happy with myself. Sadly, it's a very hard busyness to get in, especially here in Portugal where we have so many lobbies.

I'd also love to work in styling and in photography art direction and with that being said, as you may imagine, I'm obviously unemployed.

As I was researching for inspiration to this arcticle, I thought, why not talk about inspiration itself? Then, I came across a really cool Paul Smith (huge British fashion designer) masterclass for Vogue and he kept talking about the importance of having a distinct point of view in everything you do. Because in creative industries as these, you really need something relevant to set you apart from the rest of the crowd.

This brings me to my new favourite person.
Her name is Tavi Gevinson, she is 17, a student, a blogger and the editor in chief of Rookiemag.com since she was 15.
Tavi started a blog called Style Rookie when she was only 11, and shortly after she became internationally famous and started being invited to attend several big fashion shows in Europe.

Four years later, her interests changed and she then started the Rookie Mag website with the help of fellow friends who are now it's main writters. This site is surprisingly interesting having lots of weekly articles by contributors from all over the world, it has interviews with relevant people in the artistic industry (from cinematographers, to musicians or even journalists), it has articles about science, sci-fi! (massive Carl Sagan and Neil DeGrasse fans!), human rights (expecially the LGBT community) and it even inspires their readers to be creative with DIYs tutorials.

The most important thing about this website, is that it is a website all written and edited by teenagers and everyone can read it. The texts are acessible, informative and create awareness to all sorts of subjects and are not just for a teen to read.

Tavi is also educating a new generation, a generation that can think by themselves, a generation with opinion and who has the need to speak up and aims for individuality, and to me, that's pretty much the definition of inspirational.

She gave a voice to the young and told a lot of people that age is only a number and that teenagers also have pertinent thoughts to add to the world.
I'm not saying that all youngsters should have a voice though.. some of those Bieber and Miley Cirus fans, shouldn't even have a tongue to begin with.

I grew up in an environment where studying to be a lawyer or a doctor was the way to go, and where the arts and everything different were wrong:
“-Arts won't give you money or a job”;
“-Studying arts is for lazy people who didn't have the grades to get into other relevant degrees at university”. ?

Where older folk calls my peers lazy and spoiled and basically want us to repair the world they have destroyed in the past decades (yes baby boomers I'm talking to you) and it is with these comments, that our dreams, our curiosity and our life is slowly getting darker and darker and losing our inner inspiration by the day.

Maybe I should have studied to be an astronaut after all.