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I always get sick of hearing the term "Festival Style" during this time of the year. And I don't really get it. One of the biggest and most talked about festivals is of course Coachella and everyone goes mental over it and most of the people who go there, just look like they belong in an army of schizophrenic clones:
Either they use ridiculously short shorts (the ones where you can actually spot more than half a butt cheek hanging) or horrible huge flowery headbands which cover a big part of the girls foreheads...(a bit more flowers and you'd get an Arcimboldo looking figure). And you even have the weird ones who think Woodstock is back in town, and try to look as hobo- ish as they can.

In Portugal even a more stupid situation occurs.

You know Glastonbury right? The big and muddy festival from the UK? Where they have to wear galoshes as normal shoes due to all of that mud? Well, galoshes are now an essential asset in Portuguese festivals...just because it's "IN".
Let me just situate you a bit: Portugal goes up to more than 30 degrees in the summer. It really is very depressing to be surrounded by this kind of people, but it does give me humoristic material to laugh and write about. When in a festival, I like to be as practical as I can, I choose not to wear anything fancy or pretty clothes, because you never know if you'll be caught up in a mosh pit or how that drunken night will end.
I am also a big fan of comfort so, my go to statement piece are my beloved Dr. Martens. They get me through dust, rain, mud and aren't at all that warm when the heat strikes.

Most of the people nowadays buy a pair or two of the infamous boot, just because it's trendy and has that oi oi oi ska connotation, what most people fail to understand is that the Dr. Marten boot was indeed invented by an actual Doctor named Klaus Martens and it was intended for orthopedic purposes. So much, that it was first made in 1945 and during the 5 following years their main costumers, were housewives over the age of 40. Let us just say that these boots were the Crocs of the 50s! Not so cool now heh?
The first pair of Dr. Martens came out in the UK on the 1st of April of 1960 and that exact same model, the 1460, is still made today. The boot became very popular amongst postmen, factory workers and other men jobs which involved standing up and walking for long periods of time. However, with the 70's came the skinhead Martens obsession and the boot became an icon for the skinhead community, alongside with the Ben Sherman shirts or the Fred Perry polos, in the 80's musicians and other subcultures adopted the shoe as well and in the 90's it was considered the coolest piece of clothing next to plead shirts.

The grunge era made the boot a star and every teenager had to have at least one pair in their household. The 00s, however, made the brand a bit unpopular and it came close to bankruptcy, but due to a strike of genius marketing, Dr. Martens rose from the ashes and solidified itself as one of the most profitable and fast growing british brands of the decade.

Since they are now considered a vintage item, almost every “It Girl” has one, or has been invited to design their very own collection for the Martens brand. Making the simple orthopedic german boot, an object of desire for the biggest fashionistas and the biggest fashionista wannabes in the world. I must say I didn't know all of this when I first bought my first pair of Docs, I was just 13 and wanted to look as cool as my mom did back in those 80s photographs.
I genuinely didn't know how comfortable they were (but thank God, because I have bunions on my feet and normal shoes keep me in constant hellish pain).
Nowadays they are a part of my life and I take them everywhere.

I also feel like I should leave a short note for parents and future parents:

Dear mom and dad,
You are the biggest role model for your kid, teach him/ her well and help him/ her make the best choices in life.
With that being said, I will judge, point and laugh at you and your progeny, if I ever see them wearing flip flops in the middle of a concert, If I ever see them wearing crop tops which fail to cover the belly or even the boob area.
I will judge if I see your son wearing a T-shirt with much more cleavage than mine and even if they complain about how cold they are just because they failed to pack warm clothes because there was just no more space left in the bag due to all of those amazing neon T-shirts they just HAD to bring.
With love, Marta.