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So I was wondering what to write about this month but my mind kept drifting away thinking about my boyfriends next visit (Hi Rafael!). Yep, he's going to be here for Valentines Day (how disgustingly sweet is that?) and of course, me being the tomboy that I am, and having yet to celebrate such a day, panicking.

You see, to me the very first thing that comes to mind when the words “Valentines” and “day” are put together it's the Valentines massacre led by Al Capone instead of hearts and pink teddy bears. The 14th is that day where most girls love to plan everything to the smallest detail whilst others like to cry and sob about it due to their obvious lack of boyfriend... or worse, the “rebel” girls who celebrate being single with other sad female friends. Personally, I think the whole concept is very silly. I've never celebrated it when in relationships neither have I ever transformed into a crying Bridget Jones, who eats her entire body weight in ice cream just to avoid thinking about how lonely she is, when single.

So rewinding the story a bit, my boyfriend will be here for the 14th (yes he said it with all the words “I don't want you alone on Valentines Day”) which basically means I'm celebrating it this year. I'm not mad and I don't find the date superficial at all I only have a problem with the rest of the population who turns what’s supposed to be a meaningful and endearing day, into a creepy pink circus. Just to give a realistic and fair example, last year I went for a walk downtown, completely oblivious of the date it was. When all of a sudden I found myself surrounded by dozens of glowing couples, a weird heart shaped stand where MTV was interviewing suckers (“excuse me sir, can you give me your thoughts regarding the matter of Love?”), my favourite coffee shop was ghastly decorated with tiny cupids and the cherry on top of this arsenic cake: the nightmarish voice of Mariah Carey resounding all over the place, entering my ears and making me want to curl up in a corner and cut my wrists.

One phenomenon which positively annoys me about this “oh so joyfull” day, is that it keeps making people suffer from anticipation due to all of those horrible tv commercials which keep promoting even the worst gifts! Seriously, who would want a watch as a valentines gift?! I can imagine the slogans already: “To always be on time for that very special date”. (????) It is not a romantic nor a thoughtful gift even if it has a heart on it (Rafael don't you dare). Another thing are the overly excited couples who can't stop smiling and screaming out loud, so the rest of the world can hear how madly in love they are for each other and in some occasions, if lucky, you can even see these specimen wearing matching t-shirts on the streets with sayings like: “taken” or “lovebirds”. Kind of makes me wish I had one with the words “kill me” to wear on that special date too.

What I don't get is the following: Isn't this day supposed to be a nice day? A calm, relaxing, enjoy-your-partner day? But nooo, instead, you see ruckus everywhere! Desperate women agonizing just to get a stupid reservation at that not-so-cozy-and-private fancy restaurant where EVERYONE is going, booking manicures and pedicures and getting the ugliest hair style ever just because “It's whats in fashion right now! Ok?!…”
Maybe I'm just blowing things out of proportion here and Valentines isn't that bad after all if you choose to celebrate it the right way and learn how to avoid the wrong places. I won't be taking Rafael to some dump to see the sights, but I wont be taking him downtown either. I also feel like I should write an explanation note to my all time heroines and dearest inspirations, who taught me how to be independent, strong, sarcastic and ironic and who would probably give a disappointment stare and tease me if they knew I was giving in to this whole Valentine mainstream stupidity.

So, with that being said:
So to Lizzie Bennet, Lorelai Gilmore, Mulan and Daria. Do not despair nor lose faith in me. I am not sorry. I'll undergo this day as an experience and analyze it in hope of reaching some groundbreaking conclusions. I will also break the ridiculous traditions by enjoying a nice abnormal dose of sushi at home while watching movies which were nominated for the Oscars (sponsored by Pirate Bay - whom I deeply love) and probably end up doing something completely stupid, like dressing up as Lionel Ritchie and scream “Hello is this me you're lookin for?” around the house or just hide behind the furniture while singing “Every breath you take” in a creepy and stalkerish kind of way, just to make the night a bit more memorable.

Oh! and hopefully there will be some cake, no sex though, no that's not very christian.