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I always loved going to concerts, music festivals or small venues, it didn't matter really. I always found the environement fascinating, not just for the music but also for the amazing group of people who were there sharing the same love for the bands. Being a music lover myself, my primordial interest was in music only and it's history and in trying to documentate it as well as I could, but some girls were and are willing to go far and beyond to get close to a band and those are the ones who we so easily call Groupies. The other day, as I was watching the movie Almost Famous, for the 12th time (yep, I counted), I found myself getting really, REALLY frustrated, mad even, about almost everyones opinion revolving the “groupie” word and the lack of knowledge most people have regarding its concept.
There have been music fans since the very begining of Rock and Roll, but this need that girls and boys started to develop for being closer to the bands and even stalk some of them, only became popular in the 60s with the British Invasion in America. And by saying British, I'm talking Beatles and all of the other charming accented fellas who followed.

Ten years later, the groupie concept evolved into something much more powerful and meaningful along with the music that was being made. Groupies wanted to be a part of the music revolution that was happening in the 70s and did so by “being with the band”, they became the luscious Sex in “Sex, Drugs & Rock and Roll”.
Of course not all Dolls – what they like to call each other – were the same: You had the Muses, who weren't really stalking anyone but in some way or another crossed paths and got involved with famous musicians inspiring them into writting songs in their honour.
There were also the ones I like to call “Fluseys”, these girls were only after one thing, sex. And they took pride in it, these Dolls wanted to be knowned for having sex with lots of guys from famous bands, almost like they were just trying to compete amongst each other to see who could get more guys. I'm guessing that would give the girls social status in a weird hierarquy amongst them...which isn't sad and disturbing, at all.

It didn't matter which band it was or even with whom, hell they would bang the bouncer and the roadies if that was necessary.
Then, there were the Road Wives, who in my opinion, were the real deal, the relevant women behind the music scene revolution. They weren't only girlfriends to the bands, they also went on tours and helped around with whatever was need and I'm not just talking sex, I'm talking cooking, stage prepping, getting drugs, mending costumes...the dolls were like band-aids! And they did it, for the greater good: the band. “They don't even know what it is to be a fan, y'know...to trully love some silly little piece of music or some band so much it hurts.”- Sapphire from Almost Famous regarding some silly girls.

Amonst these dolls was the mighty artist Cynthia Plaster Caster is a legend having stalked bands under the artistic excuse of wanting to make plaster casts of rockstars genitalia! And one of my all time personal heroes, Pamela des Barres, who is probably the most well known groupie of all time. Not only did she spend her teens sorrounded by influentional rock gods, she also formed a band with other fellow dolls (The GTOs). Pamela became a best selling author and the spokeswoman/ key to this historically amazing but yet so tragic world of the chicks behind the bands. She stated that a groupie was for a band what Mary Magdalene was for jesus, and indeed they were the great inspiration for great geniuses, the Rolling Stone Mag even had a special issue (1970) in their honour for God's sake (no catholic puns intended)!
Patti Johnsen (Doll) recently said that “being a groupie is different today, much more corporate and a lot less personal, it's kind of sad”. And it is really is. I live in a world where you need special permissions to take photos, make interviews... I feel sorry for missing that magical caos, nothing is spontaneous anymore.

Most of the so called groupies nowadays don't even care about the music no more! Only if the guy is hot or if he is in a band. These annoying little girls who have very few or nothing to add to the world with personalities are as relevant as a potato are putting music history to shame spending every hour reblogging what others say or listen to, they have no opinion of their own and dress themselves like an army of barbie doll clones. The wonderous world of music has lost it's charm after the grunge era and has solidified itself as a money motivated industry. Uninspiring and unimpressive.