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When you work in retail

There comes a time in everyone's life, when all you want to be doing is basically everything to get financially independent from your parents. And it is only at 23 that I'm trying this. Being free from my parents is probably the thing that I want the most since my teens, but i never really got the balls to do it, all because I was to damn comfortable laying on my bum all day (and studying as well)... now, I want to move to a different country and build a life there, a new one, and for that, this girl needs funds.

I hit the streets last month and delivered tons of CVs, I had my mind set on clothing stores, there's only so much I'm willing to do and telemarketing wasn't not going to be one of them. I definitely don't have the profile for scamming old people, even if it is easy money.
So, in less than a day, I got a call back and in two days, a job in retail. You see, retail isn't bad at all (as you'd thought) but many of my colleagues take it very seriously, which honestly shocks me a bit, who would want to do that kind of job for that long? Apparently, loads of people.
My responsibilities consist on helping the costumer, making sales, and folding the clothes.... and if there are no costumers, and the clothes are all folded, what do I do? Well, I unfold the clothes and fold them again. It's such a mental thing to be doing, and since I have to be standing all the time, my feet recently started to cramp, which is horrible especially if you are helping someone out.

When it comes to costumer service, not only do you need to be super nice and engaging, there is also the double pressure of having to make a sale, which basically means: Be super annoying to the buyers, follow them around through the store and show many things they would not be interested in in the first place, just to make sure the brand gets to keep some money after all that waste of time. Personally, If I was a costumer there, I would run away from it as cats do with water. Shopping is supposed to be a relaxing thing to be doing, but instead you have hyenas around you looking all greedy and drooly for some of your Euros.
Did I tell you I had to hold back the tears on my first day? I did.

I also get to work with a huge all girl team. Let me put it in words you'd understand: I also get to work with a team of nasty bitches who steal costumers and talk behind your back. Being professional and a perfectionist as I am, I do my best on every occasion and I organize the whole store quite impeccably, however, some of my colleagues aren't as good. And since I'm the new girl, when the crap hits the fan...I'm the first to be reprimanded...
On the other hand I managed to be friends with two other girls, who are on the exact same situation, just wanting to make some money to get out of Portugal, and know that this isn't a job for life.

Working in the same place everyday for 30 hours a week, makes you get fed up of some little things very easily, and the first and most relevant one is the music. Not only it's inaudible, but it also plays constantly...everyday....more than once, making me curse and wanting Miley Cyrus head to explode very badly. It's affecting me so much, I've stopped listening to music on my way to work and back. The second one is very obvious, to be honest, I haven't shopped in ages! I can't deal with shops and clothes in my life anymore...just thinking of the noise hangers make on the chariots, makes my eyes want to pop.

Another thing that happens when you work in retail, is that you start getting paranoid on how the store looks, especially when it's closing. Everything needs to be spot on, so there is NOTHING more frustrating than, closing at 8 pm and a large group of female tourists enters the perimeter and takes the whole shop back to how it was in the first place: messy.
I do apologize if this outburst sounds too arrogant or full of hatred, but i just got out from my shift and I really needed you to feel the pain and get it out of my chest.

If you don't have many goals in life, well, retail is the place for you. But if you are a smart person who needs to make money fast, I recommend some anxiety pills and lots and lots of nerve to endure it. It's totally doable, but it isn't easy at all. Mark my words.