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Kulturmødet is a political, cultural and arts festival taking place on the island of Mors in Denmark on 24th-26th August 2017, where more than 20.000 people have the opportunity to experience and be involved in hundreds of debates, cultural events, happenings and activities.

The festival is looking for 20 performing/creating artists aged 18-25 years. During Kulturmødet, they will, among other things, create a joint artistic product, produce three public debates, including a Nordic Youth Summit, draw up a manifest and make a video. In addition, they will of course have lots of fun, gain networks across borders and be much inspired by the other participants. 

Sounds interesting? The festival is closed for official applications but as a member of KulturUngdom it´s still possible to be part of this great event so get in touch with Karen Greve Somerset at kgs@rn.dk today!

About Kulturmødet.