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Mira Aasma is taking it to Leeuwarden, the Netherlands, this upcoming weekend. It’s the last trip of the Excite-year, and the first one in terms of the Creative Europe project Excite will be doing for the coming two years. We did a q/a on this, obviously.

Hey Mira, how has 2017 been for you? What have you been up to?
– This year has really been special, maybe the most intense and eventful year so far. I've experimented a lot, released my first album, tried different collaborations, toured, found ways to handle my projects, to focus on what's fun in working with them and to find the source to why this is important to me.

Any specific things that stands out?
– My European tour in April was amazing! I learned loads and got to see cities that I'd never been to with two of my best friends.The audiences were so enthusiastic and I guess the live culture is a bit different in other European countries than in Sweden, so I got a lot of energy from that. I'm also very happy to have found new networks and people to work with this year which I've gotten a lot of creativity and confidence from.

So, Freeze Festival, what’s your thoughts? Have been to NL before, or even played there before?
– I’ve actually never been there so I'm so excited to do this tour! We're playing in Eindhoven on Wednesday, Amsterdam on Thursday, Groningen on Friday and finally at Freeze on Saturday. I've got brand new visuals and costumes for my live show in collaboration with an art collective here in Sweden so the Nederlands will be the first to see it!

What are the next plans that you are looking forward to?
– In March I'll be relaunching my project with a new single where all the involved parts are women and I have the honor to be working with amazing producers, visual artists, photographers, witches, film makers, managers and musicians. I've written a lot of music lately so we'll see what comes out of that this spring!