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Tuys från Luxemburg kommer till Sverige i veckan för konserter på Live at Heart i Örebro och på Oceanen i Göteborg. Gruppen som spelar dansant indie har släppt musik i fem år, men har aldrig tidigare spelat här. Besöket är en del av musiknätverket Excite Music, där vi på föreningen är svensk partner.

Inför kommande resa pratade vi lite med Tun, som sjunger och spelar gitarr i bandet som ses tillsammans med andra välkända akter som Mira Aasma, Flaws och The Stomping Academy i Örebro samt med The Tape i Göteborg.

Hey Tun, what have you been doing this year?
- We’ve started the year with a few weeks in the studio and in May we released the first out of these songs, called Belong, as a single and toured a bit in Europe, while focusing on Germany. Highlights so far have been The Great Escape in Brighton and Dockville Festival in Hamburg.

Sweden soon, what are you thoughts about the trip? Anyone of you been here before?
- I’ve been to Sweden several times, but we’ve never played there. We’re really excited to play a bit farther away from home and to see the reaction of the Swedes! First time we fly to a gig as well, can’t wait!

What do you think about initiatives such as Excite Music? Do they matter to a band like yours?
- Excite is amazing. The program gives us the opportunities we need at this point of our career in order to move on. We did not just have a great time playing Dockville for instance, but it’s a great reference we will be able to use in the future.

Any last thoughts or comments or stuff to add before next week?
- We’ve got a next single called ’Talk' which is going to be released on the 18th of November and we’re currently working on the video, you should stay tuned.

Tuys spelar fredag 1: september på Live at Heart och lördag 2:a på Oceanen i Göteborg.