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Finbesök på väg in! Normanton Street är ett soul/pop/hiphopband från Brighton i England och på väg hit för tre konserter, 22-23-24 mars.
- We can’t wait to come over, hälsar bandet.

Efter att ha kommit i kontakt med folk de jobbar med fick har vi fått möjligheten att sätta ihop de med The Stomping Academy från föreningen och nu blir det konserter både här och i England. Men nu fokuserar vi på det som sker här hemma och ställde några frågor till Nicholson i bandet och fick följande svar:

So, what have Normanton Street been up to so far?
- We started out in 2011, over the years we have had a few changes to the lineup but for the past 3 years or so it has been myself, Ned, Phoebe and Nico. The last 12 months have been incredible, we've been over to the US twice, toured Europe and released the 'Life's Real' EP. More big things to come this year for sure!

Since you live in Brighton, what is the music scene like there would you say? And if you think of UK as a whole, what is it like and how do you fit in with your sound?
- Music in Brighton has always been very eclectic and it still is today. For the size of the town, the amount of quality music is vast. The rest of the country certainly has slightly different vibes here and there but overall there's a strong appreciation for good music everywhere.

Any thoughts on coming over here to play? Any knowledge on Sweden that you bring with you?
- We can't wait to come over. Neither of us have ever been to Sweden let alone performed there so it is a big experience for us. Over the years quite a few Swedish people have come up to us at gigs in the UK and said 'you guys would go down so well in Sweden, you go!' so we hope they were correct.

Besides coming over here, what more plans do you have this year?
- Later this year we plan on going back to New York and Texas for more gigs. We'll also be hosting our own festival under our label QM Records. Towards the end of the year we will be releasing an EP/album along with a UK tour (and hopefully come back to Sweden if possible!)

Ok, looking forward having you over, and any other thing you wanna add, go ahead:
Keep it locked! So much more music and moves on the way.

Normanton Street spelar enligt följande under sitt besök, event på länken:
22 mars @ Bengans, Göteborg
23 mars @ Tre Trappor Upp, Tranemo
24 mars @ Kontoret, Uddevalla