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Gbg Dance Festival is a Twisted Feet production and a part of the project Community X that is financed by Allmänna Arvsfonden. We offer 6 days of cultural exchanges in the form of; summercamp, artistic showcases, high-level dance battles and show competitions, afterparties, dope music/Dj’s and good vibes, all in the love of dance!
The festival includes “Summercamp”, ”Sweden Dance Delight”, ”Plattform X” & ”Gbg City Jam”.Every year, the heart of Gothenburg gets invaded by dancers and non dancers who in some way will participate in the big JAM! It doesn’t matter if you are a competitor or a spectator, everybody enjoys the vibe and the events that are held. Welcome!

The festival 2016 collaborates with ”Göteborgs Kulturkalas” and ”Dans- och Teaterfestivalen.” And is also sponsored by: Bilda, KulturUngdom, Ggb&Co, Kultur i Väst, Göteborgs Kulturförv.

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