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Daniella Kruth
- Pop | Göteborg

Swedish vocalist Daniella Kruth makes alternative-indie pop with influences from folk music and Americana.

Born in Östersund, Sweden, she later moved to Gothenburg to study at the university.
She took a break from her studies and befriended a producer, Henryk Lipp, and went into the studio Music a matic, 2009, to record an ep. She then released her first single, Barbara, and won a music contest, Metro on stage, with that song 2011.
After the contest there were many interests from different kinds of labels and tv-shows but Daniella felt cornered from all overwhelming demands of the music industry and decided to take a break.
She started to write new music with a new sound. Simplicity was the key word.
With only handclaps, feet-stomps and harmonies she made her second single, Red Lover, and had found her sound. Once more she walked into another studio, Svenska grammofonstudion, and met producer Henrik Ahlsér and started to record her debut-album.

Daniella Kruth