Poesi: Beauty standards

Beauty standards 
“You’re beautiful”
They say
Sounds like muffled voices in my head
“Thank you”
I reply
But I don’t believe them
I only trust what I am seeing
And lately I haven’t even
Found one reason
To look in the mirror
Without battling the same feeling
I sigh
And walk away
The mascara didn’t work
Same old pimples
Doubt running through my veins
It drains
And overpowers me
simply leaves me
Going against my own beliefs
Of what beauty should be
So I am just waiting to hear the words
“You’re cute but not as pretty as this girl”
That is the only time
My ego can rest
From working
It got what it wanted
My soul is paying the fee
What a circus
How can we help each other become free?
Cause when I look at the women and their mothers before me None of them could truly see their own beauty
And like what they see
So they pass it on to their daughters
Until one day the cycle becomes a female quality Inequality
We all contribute
Unable to cherish our own attributes
Could we change the foundation
Of these negative fixations
I don’t want to pass this on
To my future kids and generations.

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