Poesi: Ocean Deep

I felt the water surround me
The cold streams and the strong current
Comfortable against my skin
Closing in from every angle

I remembered then
When we were one
You and me
I remembered how it was

I can see your smile
I can hear your laugh
Even as the water tries to suffocate them,
I live in the memories

You would never leave
I would never hurt you
A kind of bond
No ocean could break

You gave me your love
I gave you my life
How could it have dissolved
when we were miles from the sea?

But the ocean didn’t break us
Not the water I now feel pressing against me
No, the ocean didn’t end it
You did

I would never stop loving you
And you would never leave
That is what we said
But where are you now?

Did the sea take you?
Or did you drown on the ground?
Did you suffocate between the clouds?
Or did you just simply leave?

It scares me to think
That even though you’re no longer here,
I can still feel the life I gave you
and the love you gave me

The water may drown me
The same way it did to you
But you dissolved and disappeared
And I am sinking to the ground

Taggar: Poesi