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Waisuddin Sadry

Honor, Freedom, Peace, Man, and When you are not here

In my poems being published here I write about political problems of the society in a critical way - about illegal distribution of power and corruption. The poems are also about the social problems, which turned into a tradition in Afghanistan and is not accepted by educated young generation of my time.

In the poem titled Honor, I write about women rights. Its about how people has titled very strong and beautiful sentences for women rights, but in real it’s something else. Suppose you have a male guest in your house, no one should hear a woman’s voice there, and there should be no shoes of women seen, no women clothes, everything which is related to women should be kept hidden. With this situation they say: paradise lies down the feet of mothers, and women are the candles of the house.

I also write about the freedom of writers. If you poison my breaths, or shut my mouth, or keep my lips sealed, I will write again and again into my veins and on my bones, Freedom. Freedom with red and black color, coffin me with green pall I don’t feel relaxed with white mort cloth.

 171115 waisuddin honor

171115 waisuddin freedom

171115 waisuddin peace

171115 waisuddin man

171115 waisuddin nothere


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