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Let’s know people

After September 11 2001, when World Trade Center was attacked in New York by fundamentalists or terrorists, islamophobia has increased in west world. Not only in west, but everywhere, there is now close to only one image of muslims. When to see a man with beard or a women with hijab gives just one word in peoples mind: “terrorist”.

Islamophobia is also regarded as an expression of so called ethnocentrism. This concept describes how to put a culture, lifestyle and mentality as a norm and starting point in assessment of other cultures. To see one culture as the right one and everything else as strange, wrong, abnormal. Because the norm, the ones who carries the norm, do not bother to know more about “the others” - a religion, belief, way of living. And when you do not bother to know more about fundamentals. There are bad people and good people, or bad actions and good actions, in every ethnicity, nationality, religion, society... A bunch of bad people with bad thoughts can never represent a whole group, and could never represent any of or specific one of the largest religions in the world. When only some have the aim to show islam as a religion of war and violence.

It is not written in muslims holy book to kill other people or to hate. And the ones who lose most in these conflicts are muslims, those muslims who are hated by non muslims and targeted by terrorists or fundamentalists. They are forced to leave their educations, they are forced to leave their jobs and last but not least they are forced to leave their country and family. It is not the west world or USA who is effected most by the terrorist attacks but it is the ordinary muslims who escape from war and terrorism but get the label of terrorist entering a new country. In everyday life.

Behind all the so called terrorist attacks there are political and commercial conspiracy, that ends millions of innocent lives. For oil, for mine, for gold...to death, to disability, to migration. This can never be fair. I know many friends who changed their names to Swedish or English names, just to sound like christian, to sound like a non muslim, and to get a job more easily or to not be targeted by people based on their faith, nationality or national origin. If you try to analyse the ideology behind this action, to change to be able to fit in a norm, you may understand that they want to look as important as a non muslim. Why they are not important? What is their fault? To be born in not a western or American country? If a person is killed in a western country almost the whole the country cries for that, and everyone feels sorry which is called unity and humanity. But what if hundreds of people die everyday in Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq... do their lives matter? It is almost everyday news.

It is clear that violence leads to violence, and if they are forced to leave their homes from terrorist’s fear and start living in a society where other people see no difference between them and terrorists then they are still not in peace. If a group of people are always ignored and hated by other groups, then segregation is built among them. To believe and be proofed that you are not completely accepted by this society, what does that do to you?

There will be a matter of “we” and “they”. And I think about the children, who is starting to believe that it is hated because of what? And why? There are parents who tell their children to not socialise with black-haired, dark-skinned or muslim children, this is one point where we allow “hate” to start. Children learn how to paint themselves better and more important than others. And the competition starts between them, a possible endless competition.

I think the best thing is to first understand and believe that no religion, no ethnicity, no nationality and no race is better than another. There are good and bad people in every society, a bunch of bad people can never represent millions of people. Everyone represent themselves, everyone is individual and equal at the same time. And we live in the same world, we need to share and try to see and understand each other. And we have not the right to hate a group of people just for their skin tone or religion. Let’s know people just for their humanity. And let’s love people without any condition.